8 Celebs We Want To See On Shannon Sharpe’s ‘Club Shay Shay’ Immediately (2024)

Shannon Sharpe has been revered on the field for decades, transitioning into a stellar sports analyst following his time in the NFL. As a talking head, our favorite “uncle” developed his God-given charisma sitting across from fellow pundits such as Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless, most recently parlaying his gift of gab into his much-discussed podcast, Club Shay Shay.

Established in the fall of 2020, Club Shay Shay entertained with early episodes featuring interviews with Deion Sanders, Dwyane Wade, and several other prominent voices in sports and entertainment. Check out its first full episode below.

It was his January 2024 sit-down with Katt Williams, however, that established the podcast as thee premiere spot for anyone unafraid to tell their truth, name names, and share a glass of cognac with the well-intentioned host.

Other 2024 guests have included comedian Kountry Wayne and rapper 21 Savage, but it was Mo’Nique’s recent sit-down that, once again, sent Club Shay Shay into viral territory thanks to her candor and inability to censor her take on the industry. Indeed, Sharpe has curated an environment that allows for the bold and brash to get their sh*t off. As he’s admitted, he’s no journalist, so there are bound to be questions regarding his style, but there’s clearly something about his platform that draws in those with something to say.

While every potential guest won’t be a home run, VIBE has come up with eight options that should keep the host booked, busy, and going viral throughout 2024. Check them out below.

  • Trey Songz

    8 Celebs We Want To See On Shannon Sharpe’s ‘Club Shay Shay’ Immediately (1)

    Sharpe’s Club Shay Shay has become the pinnacle for telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth, making it a perfect stop for controversial vocalist Trey Songz, who’s been accused of hiding just that in regards to his own behavior.

    The R&B singer has had his own share of allegations, headlines, and unanswered questions regarding sexual assault, rape, and nonconsensual sex acts. Songz, né Tremaine Neverson, could possibly use the opportunity to clear up serious claims that have been made against him — especially since his audience is majority women.

    Sharpe, who has deemed himself a “conversationalist,” could possibly connect with Songz and help him to open up about his connection to women from a young age, to becoming a famous singer with a plethora of options.

    “What was your relationship like with your mother? How did your first heartbreak impact your outlook on love? In what ways do you discipline yourself aside from sex? What are your views on power amongst men and women?”, are just a few questions Sharpe could ask to get a deeper scope on how “Mr. Steal Your Girl” became the disgraced, panty-dropping crooner he is today.

    Most likely media-trained, of course Songz wouldn’t say anything incriminating, but he could possibly say something that could point to if he’s a man capable of the things he’s accused of, or not.

    Here’s a rundown of allegations made against the “Say Aah” artist:

    • 2012 – Songz allegedly struck a woman in the face at a strip club.
    • 2013 – Megan Johnson alleged Songz pulled her breast out of her bikini top at a party.
    • 2016 – An anonymous woman alleges Songz anally raped her in Los Angeles.
    • 2017 – Keke Palmer accused Songz of sexually intimidating her to appear in a music video.
    • 2018 – Andrea Buera alleged Songz choked her at his L.A. home.
    • 2018 – Jahuara Jeffries accused Songz of attempting to digitally penetrate her at a Miami nightclub.
    • 2018 – Instagram model accused him of refusing to let her and her friend leave his house.
    • 2022 – Dylan Gonzalez accused Songz of raping her at a Las Vegas hotel.
    • 2022 – An anonymous bowling-alley employee accused Songz of physically attacking her in a bathroom.
    • 2023 – Two women accused Songz of performing nonconsensual sex acts on them while they were passed out in his home.

    It’s important to note that some of the accusations made above have been dismissed, dropped or settled. — Amber Corrine

  • Will Smith

    8 Celebs We Want To See On Shannon Sharpe’s ‘Club Shay Shay’ Immediately (3)

    Will Smith stormed onto the entertainment scene in the 90s, and spent the next three decades solidifying his legendary status through countless movie credits, Grammy-winning records, and unforgettable cultural moments. However, the 55-year-old superstar is long overdue for a sit-down.

    Between slapping Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars, Jada Pinkett Smith’s marriage-related comments during her infamous 2023 book tour, and everything in between, the people deserve a raw, unfiltered tell-all from the Ali actor that even his memoir couldn’t have done justice.

    Although the Fresh Prince did issue an official apology following the “slap heard around the world,” what does he really have to say about the situation, sans the PR-approved language? He stayed by his partner’s side as the internet tore their relationship apart, but how did he really feel watching the chaos unfold after the fifth 2Pac-related post?

    Aside from recent controversies, the Hitch star has also racked up hundreds of Hollywood stories throughout his colorful career that are now tucked away in his arsenal. Having a seat at Club Shay Shay, drink in hand, would be the perfect setting to finally tell the tales. — Regina Cho

  • Yung Miami

    8 Celebs We Want To See On Shannon Sharpe’s ‘Club Shay Shay’ Immediately (4)

    With Caresha Please seemingly on hiatus, Yung Miami needs to join Shannon Sharpe on Club Shay Shay.

    It’d be interesting to see how Sharpe brings up the rapper’s relationship with Diddy, as it would be the first time she breaks her silence—or evades questions—on Cassie’s lawsuit and subsequent settlement.

    Thus far, she’s had smoke with DJ Akademiks, but has not addressed the allegations against her man who may or may not be her man. In April 2023, however, she told The Cut she was single.

    Her beef with the former Everyday Struggle host could be a segue into the hot topic.

    We can also get Yung Miami’s unfiltered opinion on the rumored City Girls breakup, or at least her and JT’s solo releases, especially as she enters her ginger hair-self-love-get-moneyYAMs era.”

    Miami could also address female rap beef and her relationship with Megan Thee Stallion.

    Most of all, it’d be so fun to see how Sharpe and the “50/50” star play off of each other’s energy. It could spark the usage of a new, viral catchphrase, but we will get the former athlete on the record saying “Periodt!” —Mya Abraham

  • Dame Dash

    8 Celebs We Want To See On Shannon Sharpe’s ‘Club Shay Shay’ Immediately (5)


    Similar to Williams and Mo’Nique, Harlem’s own Dame Dash isn’t afraid to drop names, having aired his grievances with several former friends, business partners, and associates over the years. While another visit to Club Shay Shay could just be one more round of the same questions about the early Roc-A-Fella Records days and his unresolved issues with Hov, Sharpe could also surprise us all by doing the research and getting to the bottom of things like we haven’t seen before.

    Dash is also known to drop gems during conversation, with many of them flying under the radar until trends or the news cycle deems him as wise in hindsight. Sharpe’s openness and empathy as an interviewer allows for the mogul to be as transparent as possible without being labeled arrogant, unlikable or mean just for keeping it a buck.

    From detailing his issues with Irv Gotti to stories of his relationship with Aaliyah — and Jay’s attempts to win her heart — Dash has plenty to discuss if he ever takes it to Club Shay Shay one more time. — Jessica “Compton” Bennett

  • Karrine Steffans

    8 Celebs We Want To See On Shannon Sharpe’s ‘Club Shay Shay’ Immediately (6)

    When an interviewee is willing to reveal times, dates, places and names, the result is often an explosive conversation. Judging from former video vixen Elisabeth Ovesen, F.K.A. Karrine Steffans‘, history, revelations regarding her dealings aren’t hard to come by. Heck, she even penned three New York Times bestselling memoirs detailing her exploits, from the tragic to the salacious and all in between.

    The best episodes of Club Shay Shay are defined by the guests who have a story to tell and are willing to bear the psychological and emotional scars sustained during their time in the limelight. Previously detailing her survival of domestic abuse, participation in drug-fueled rendezvous, and romantic relationships with Kool G Rap, Lil Wayne, actor Darius McCrary, comedian Bill Maher and others, Steffans’ journey is one that’s as inspiring as it is salacious.

    And with a few shots of Uncle Shay Shay’s potent cognac and his podcast now being viewed as a platform to tell one’s truths, Steffans could cause a ruckus with the tea she has to spill. — Preezy Brown

  • 50 Cent

    8 Celebs We Want To See On Shannon Sharpe’s ‘Club Shay Shay’ Immediately (7)

    50 Cent should take a trip to Club Shay Shay for a collection of reasons.

    As one of Hip-Hop’s most outspoken voices, the platform would give him an open space to speak about his conflicts, criticisms, and successes as the gentlemen toast with a glass of (likely Branson) cognac.

    The key to going viral in conversation with Sharpe is the interview subject’s fearlessness to call out their industry peers, and 50 Cent has never been scared to name names. In thoroughly discussing his various rap beefs, early career, and industry gripes with Sharpe, the 3-hour interview would give a permanent home to the Queens native’s wins and woes, unlike his frequently uploaded-and-deleted social media posts.

    This interview could lead to a new Power spin-off, a resolved dispute with one of his many opposers, deets on early 2000s scrappy recording sessions, or even a brand new 50 Cent product or idea. Either way, the episode would surely go down in Club Shay Shay history. – DeMicia Inman

  • Wale

    8 Celebs We Want To See On Shannon Sharpe’s ‘Club Shay Shay’ Immediately (8)

    Wale is undeniably enigmatic. He has contributed to several hits over the last decade or so, but doesn’t get the full credit that he deserves. He is also viewed negatively due to how outspoken he is about the music industry and those around him, often causing him to be viewed as whiny or a complainer.

    Though he has been vocal about certain stories, it is safe to assume that there is a lot he hasn’t told us. Sharpe has the ideal platform for the elite songwriter to feel comfortable telling all, whether it be stories of collaborations, label issues, his love life, mental health, or how he feels about his position in the game. Beyond that, the Washington, D.C. native is hilarious, clever, and blunt. It’s very easy to envision him having Sharpe belly laughing throughout their conversation.

    Wale is big on controlling his narrative and is understandably hesitant to go on media runs. He deserves a place like Club Shay Shay to be unfiltered and tell his story.– Armon Sadler

  • Paula Jai Parker

    8 Celebs We Want To See On Shannon Sharpe’s ‘Club Shay Shay’ Immediately (9)

    Mo’Nique and Katt Williams’ Club Shay Shay interviews had something in common: both entertainers claimed to have been blackballed in Hollywood. And Paula Jai Parker appears to have a similar story.

    Parker was a part of some of the most culturally impactful movies in Black cinema. Her credits include roles inFriday,Sprung,Why Do Fools Fall in Love?,Hustle & Flow,Idlewild,and more. But despite the actress consistently staying with a job, Parker found herself homeless and at odds with Hollywood’s “powers that be,” as she told VLAD TV. This story could be a perfect point of conversation if she ever appeared onShannon Sharpe‘s show.

    During a 2020 episode of TVOne’sHollywood Divas,the Michigan actress disclosed that she was living out of a motel room during the height of her fame. Crazier even is that Parker couldn’t call on her acting friends to help due to allegedly “being blackballed.”

    In an interview withEssencein 2020, the entertainer opened up about her career struggles. She consistently discussed being cheated out of opportunities by some of her peers. Paula Jai Parker vaguely detailed that her mainstream movie roles declined after appearing inIdlewildandHustle & Flow. “Hollywood is very cliquish. Working is about having relationships. It’s more about who you know, who you don’t know, who you’re friends with, who you’re not friends with,” she said at the time. “People use the example that I didIdlewildright afterHustle & Flow. But if you pay attention, I’ve been a working actress for over 20 years. After that particular movie, you didn’t see me very much.”

    8 Celebs We Want To See On Shannon Sharpe’s ‘Club Shay Shay’ Immediately (10)

    But who are these unnamed persons who blackballed Parker? Who are these “friends” that allegedly conspired against her? We all know how gossip-like Shay Shay can be so, let’s go there. We. Need. Names. Paying a visit to Sharpe’s mess hall could give fans more detailed answers—government names, dates, and allat.

    And that’s not the only topic Paula Jai could indulge in while partying atClub Shay Shay. In November 2023, Parker caught some heat for questioning Cassie Ventura amid her shockinglawsuit againstDiddyfor sex trafficking and sexual assault. The actress accused Cassie of failing to tell the mogul “no.” Paula also recalled her past trauma as a sexual assault survivor to ponder Cassie’s true intentions behind her suit and “victimhood.”

    “I’m sorry but I don’t get it, I used to be 19 and I was in the industry and I was quite capable of saying no…I wish someone would have said that to the 3yo me that couldn’t say no but by 19 we’re all strong enough to make choices that affect the rest of our lives,” she xweeted at the time. “If you can’t say no, you’re not built for it. Take that midnight train now before you get yourself in trouble. I’m not saying it didn’t happen I’m saying she wasn’t complaining about being his ‘woman’ and the fame that came [with] it.”

    As she continued, she then struggled to believe that Ventura was a “sex slave.” Paula used the singer’s case to argue that she is “tired of women making poor choices.” “I think yall just don’t like [Diddy]. But he didn’t invent the game he just plays it,” she continued. “Hubby thinks I don’t like her, but that’s not true. I don’t like chicks that take the easy route and get mad when it doesn’t pan out. God Bless the Child who’s got his own.” Yeah, a lot to unpack here, but we’ll leave that to Sharpe. —Marc Antonio “Spidey” Griffin

8 Celebs We Want To See On Shannon Sharpe’s ‘Club Shay Shay’ Immediately (2024)
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