Addict (Blitz x Reader) (2024)

12: Intervention


Two days after Ozzie's

"Blitz I finished your weird errands." You shut the company's door with your foot and sat the bags down on the meeting table. You noticed the serious looks on everyone's face.

" guys okay?"

"How about you take a seat right there." Blitz pointed to the chair that was facing everyone. You co*cked an eyebrow and sat down.

"What the f*ck is going on? Am I getting fired?" You said in a snarky tone.

"No, this is an intervention." Blitz hesitantly said.

You stood up and deadpanned, "I'm not doing this."

"Y/n please," Blitz grabbed your arm so you won't leave, "M&M and Loona know about your addiction and we want to help."

"Since when did they know?" You narrowed your eyes.

"Uh..Remember spring break? With Verosika?" Moxxie started, "She mentioned how you two were in rehab. But we didn't know why."

"I asked you why you were in rehab and you told me." Loona was still on her phone.

"Remember when we got kidnapped and you, Blitz and I were high and he mentioned you being addicted to meth."

"And Ozzie's, you were on co*ke because Fizz broadcasted it." Millie joined in.

"And that party." Loona added.

"Oh f*cking hell." You groaned. "Im clean now!"

"Y/n, Blitz had to give you narcan because you almost died." Loona crossed her arms. You went pale, scanning the room and sat down.

"Wait, when was this?" Millie looked up at Blitz.

"While you guys were at Ozzie's." He said with contempt.

"Two days ago?" Moxxie's jaw dropped.

"I thought you guys knew I was on drugs because of Fizz's loud mouth?"

"We didn't know you almost died." Moxxie said with disbelief.

You chewed the inside of your cheek. "Wait, who made this intervention?"

The three glanced at Blitz and then you. "I told you guys it has to be anonymous." He gritted his teeth.

"Blitz! What the f*ck!" You stood up. "You could've talked to me in private!"

"I did! Multiple times but you didn't listen." He clenched his jaw, glossy eyes staring at you. "I figured if I did this then you'll listen to them and not just me."

You slowly sat back down. "I don't have anything much to say."

"To be honest I don't know what we're supposed to do in interventions." Blitz commented.

"Sir, you write a letter saying how her addiction impacts us. I already got mine." He pulled out a piece of paper.

"Oh sh*t we're supposed to write a letter?" Loona snickered.

"Moxxie, you don't have to write a letter, just say it out loud." Blitz looked up annoyed.

Moxxie slouched and put his letter back in his pocket.

"How the hell did it impact you three?" You pointed at Millie, Moxxie, and Loona.

Loona was the first to speak up, "I never saw Dad this distraught until two days ago. As much as he gets on my nerves it lowkey hurts. You didn't have to watch him give you f*cking narcan. Dude was shaking and was on the verge of a breakdown."

Everyone, including Blitz, was shocked at how vulnerable Loona got.

Millie and Moxxie looked at each other, then Millie spoke, "We care about you a lot, hon, and none of us want to see you suffer, especially die. You may not have impacted us the same way you had impacted Blitz and Loona, but we're still your friends."

You let out a shaky breath, "I know I affected you guys one way or another, but I kept my cool this entire time. You guys didn't even know I was on co*ke during spring break." You said with smug in your voice.

"That did explain a lot." M&M said. "But we still care about you." Millie reached out for your hand.

"I know. Okay? I know you guys care and I appreciate it. But I've been addicted since I was like 12. It's hard to break out of. I tried multiple times but being sober sucks. It f*cked up my brain since I've been doing it for so long. You guys gotta be patient with me." You frowned, "I didn't ask to be like this."

"What made you do it?" Moxxie questioned with genuine.

"I was at the circus with Blitz-"

"Wait, WHAT?" The three said.

"You guys didn't know?" You laughed.

"You guys never talked about it. We knew that our boss was in it, but didn't mentioned you." Millie acknowledged.

"I was resentful, I didn't want to bring her up."

"It's understandable. But anyway, yeah we were at the circus-"

"That does explain a lot whenever Fizz said something about being co*ked up and left." Moxxie recalled.

"Oh my god stop interrupting me." You groaned, "When I was 10 my parents put me in the circus to get money, I was good at it, they wanted me to be better so they gave me a f*ck ton of adderal to focus and give me strength and adrenaline. I either sucked or it stopped working, I forgot what happened because ya know, meth brain. Then they gave me co*ke at 14. I started to get addicted mentally and physically. Did it 24/7 yadda yadda yadda, got hooked on meth, blah blah blah, left the circus because Blitz and Fizz got mad at me for being addicted-"

"Because we cared-"

"No, because you kept telling me to quit and that I'm addicted but I didn't want to believe it so I left, days before the fire happened. Blitz kept calling me but I ignored him, annndd I think that's my lore." You forced an obviously fake smile before dropping it.

"Holy sh*t." Loona snickered, "And I thought my life was bad."

"Where were you whenever that happened? Whenever I tried calling you?" Blitz sat on the table.

You didn't want to remember the past, yet bring it up, "My dealers house. It was a crack house. I saw people overdose on H8, I saw orgys, was in an orgy that I don't want to talk about. Everyone was high all the time. One of the worst things that I've ever done."

Everyone stayed quiet. "This feels more like me telling my backstory than you guys telling me how my addiction affects you guys." You rolled your eyes. "Sorry for being a bitch, I just...wasn't expecting this."

"It's understandable hun, don't worry about it." Millie softy smiled. "We just really don't want you to fall back deeper than before."

"I know."

"Any more comments?" Blitz asked. Everyone shook their heads. "Y/n, any more comments?"

"Just wanted to say thanks for caring about me. And...I'll promise to try not to do stimulants. But if I give in just know that I'm trying, an addiction isn't easy."

"We know, don't sweat it." Moxxie reassured.

Loona's phone dinged, "Sorry if this ruins the mood but we have to kill the clients ex boyfriend soon or she'll get mad."

"Woohoo! I am in need to wack someone." You cheered. "Let's f*cking go!"

Addict (Blitz x Reader) (2024)
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