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The call that Blitz received from Octavia was one of the most haunting things he had ever experienced.

The reason she had called was even more so. In fact, it was traumatizing.

A few days after Stolas’ death, Octavia had returned to the palace to stay with him for a week or so before returning back to her mothers, something she had been doing for a while now. Despite how annoyed she was with his relationship, she still enjoyed spending time with him, even though she had skipped it entirely when she was supposed to stay the last time. They had done a few things together throughout the week, but she knew how sad he would get when she wasn't there at all, and she wanted to make it up to him.

Skipping her last visit would remain her biggest regret for the rest of her life.

Seeing the actively rotting corpse of her father on the bathroom floor, in the most gruesome scene imaginable, was the last thing she ever expected. She knew that he had a difficult time, she knew how crazy her mother was, but she never expected him to do something like this.

Her first instinct wasn't to inform her mother. Stella would rejoice knowing that her ex husband was dead, and Via didn't need that right now. She needed someone who would understand, who cared about her father, and Blitz had the right to be the first other person to know what had happened anyway.

☆ ° • ⁎ ✯ ⁎ • ° ☆

The brief phone call replayed over and over in Blitz’ head as he drove full speed to the palace.

Via? The f*ck you callin’ me for?

Blitz, it's- it's my dad, he…

And that's as far as the phone call got before he was speeding his way there. He had no idea what he was in for, but judging by how broken Via's trembling voice had sounded, it was far from good. It felt like a thousand pound weight had been placed on his shoulders, and he hated the sinking, painful feeling in his chest.

He wasn't even sure if he had turned his van off before he was darting full speed through the palace doors, down the long, dark corridors of the eerily covered family portraits, and up the stairs towards Stolas’ quarters. He could hear Via's sobs before he even got to the hallway that lead there.

Nothing in this world could accurately describe the absolutely crippling sense of despair that crashed over Blitz like a ton of bricks the moment he opened that bathroom door. Octavia had attempted to warn him of the scene, but he wasn't going to listen to that bullsh*t. Nothing would have prepared him for what he saw anyway.

On the floor, half-sitting up, slumped lifelessly against the sink cabinets, was the Goetia's demolished body. On the floor next to him was the dagger. However, the worst part about the scene was the mutilation of his stomach. A sickening black stain of his blood surrounded him, all dried by now. From his stomach, trails of organs and chunks of flesh covered the lower half of his body and spilled to the floor, producing the most sickening smell.

Blitz threw up immediately after seeing this horrendous sight. He had stumbled backwards from the door, lurching for the trash can kept by the bed as whatever was left of lunch came up. Even after there was nothing left to purge from his own stomach, the traumatized imp was stuck dry heaving for god knows how long, the image of Stolas burned into his mind.

Once he was finally too exhausted to be any more sick, the imp pulled himself to his feet again, the harsh reality of the situation still not fully sinking in yet. How could he accept that something like this happened? It felt far from real to him. It felt like he was in that drug induced hallucination those stupid human agents made him go through. His surroundings were blurry and warped, the colors muted and changing, the tunnel vision vignette of grief overwhelming him.

He remembered the moment he found out his mother had died in the fire he caused. It wasn't far from what this feeling was now, and it was packed with just as much guilt.

Octavia had been curled up at the end of her father's bed, knees tucked close to her chest, head buried. She hadn't said a word since Blitz arrived, and she wasn't going to. There was no need.

The imp found himself wandering back to the doorframe of the bathroom. He couldn't bring himself to go any further than that. He could see way too many details as it was. He didn't know what to do with himself. The emotions that ran through his mind were so intense, yet so conflicting, yet so infuriating, and his thoughts were screaming at him to flee the scene. His body, however, didn't have the strength to listen. Not at first.

He sank to his knees in the doorframe. Even when refusing to breathe through his nose, the smell was still so sickening, so vile, and he couldn't process that the Goetia was truly gone. This… this had to be some sort of trick, right? This couldn't actually be his corpse, he couldn't be rotting like that– god, how long had he been like this? For how long did his corpse sit there alone? For how long had he been planning this?

The realization that hit the mourning imp felt like he himself had been stabbed in the gut.

Was… was he the reason this happened?

It had to be. There was no explanation.

In trying to make the prince even a little bit happier, he had driven him to take his own life with that stupid f*cking bullsh*t blade.

Suddenly his legs regained their will to move. Not a word was said to Octavia before he sprinted full speed out of the room, out of the palace, just as quickly as he had entered it.

He was driving now. He didn't remember getting to his van, but he was now speeding down the road with no destination in mind, and he allowed himself to sob. Eventually he had to pull over because he couldn't see where he was going, and he didn't want to be responsible for another person's death so soon.

The Asmodean crystal was soon in his hand. He remembered the heartbreaking look in Stolas’ eyes when he gifted it to him, and his own confusion as to why the prince was suddenly blowing him off like that. Now, he'd never see those eyes full of life ever again.

The way those bright red orbs grew even brighter when the Goetia was excited, the way both pairs squinted and shed tears when he was sad, the moments that his feelings of fear were betrayed by the small white pupils that only showed when he was extremely upset… it was gone. It was all gone.

Stolas was gone.

Blitz found himself in the middle of f*cking nowhere on earth. He was in an empty grassy field, no signs of human life anywhere in sight, nothing to fill the void of the sky above him besides the twinkling stars.

Grief and anger fought to be heard the most in his mind, until the imp couldn't hold it in any longer.

“You- you- you selfish prick!” He ended up screaming, words that were meant for Goetia ears, but he would never be there to hear them. “God, I f*cking despise you! How could anyone be so f*cking stupid, and so f*cking entitled, that you'd f*cking– rip yourself apart just because you won't let a bitch have a goddamn second to breathe and process the sh*t you put on him!? You abandoned your own daughter, you traumatized her for life, you traumatized ME for life, when you wouldn't let me f*cking fix it!”

His furiously glowing eyes were the only sources of light in that field, darting this way and that as he angrily paced back and forth through the grass. The only other lights to accompany him were the stars that had the audacity to still look so beautiful above him.

A trembling fist gestured at the sky, his shouting now directed towards those lights, as the stars were the only things there that could listen.

“You dragged me around like I was nothing but a f*cking object, you manipulated me into thinking that maybe someone actually cared about me for once, but it was all bullsh*t! Everything was bullsh*t! Was this some sick, f*cked up game the whole time? You never gave a sh*t about what I was feeling, and the moment I dared to talk about it, you pull this sick f*cking stunt? You're disgusting! I endured so much of your pompous feathery ass, I listened to so much boring sh*t, I tried to f*cking be there because I made the mistake of feeling bad that you were so depressed, and THIS is the thanks I get!? Huh? THIS is what I get? After everything!”

He was screaming at the top of his lungs now, the echoes of his rage rolling through the field, never to be heard by the soul he wished could hear it. His overwhelmed body trembled from the explosion of so many emotions, so much guilt, so much regret. But he wasn't done. He was far from done.

“How selfish is it that you go and- and- and f*cking kill yourself, just because you didn't get your way!? Did it even cross your mind how f*cked up I'm gonna be now? I know, it probably seemed impossible for such a miserable failure like me to be even more f*cked up, but guess what? YOU SUCCEEDED, dumbass! Here I am, falling a-f*cking-part because I failed again! Again and again and again, I keep ruining everyone's lives, I keep killing everyone who means something to me- how f*cking long will it take before some sh*t happens to Moxxie and Millie because of me too? Loona? Fizz? Everybody?

Now, the imp was shouting at himself more than he was shouting at the stars, but they could still hear him.

Among the stars, Stolas could hear him. They allowed him to see the weight of his mistake.

The passed Goetia wanted so badly to comfort the man he had loved the most, to apologize for everything that he had ever done, to amend what broken pieces of their acquaintance still remained. But it was futile. His voice could never be heard again, his regrets could never be voiced, and he would remain in this regret throughout the endless cycles of time itself.

Blitz screamed at the sky until his voice went out. He didn't return back home until the sun was beginning to rise and the rest of the stars were no longer visible.

He arrived back at his apartment to a hundred missed calls and texts from M&M. They had been trying to reach him to tell him that Stolas was dead… as well as Octavia.

Apparently, not long after Blitz had fled the scene, the young Goetia took the knife from her dead father's hand and slit her throat.

There was a funeral for both of them, but he didn't bother attending.

His phone never stopped blowing up with calls from his friends that were trying to check on him, but he never bothered answering.

There were condolences sent from Fizz and Ozzie, but he never bothered reading them.

Loona wouldn't leave him the f*ck alone, but he never bothered to acknowledge her existence.

Eventually, Blitz returned back to work. He was never the same, though. He was more cold and quiet than he had ever been, more angry, to the point his friends feared talking to him.

Eventually, Moxxie and Millie couldn't bear it anymore, and they left the business. Only Loona remained.

Months later, after realizing he couldn't run anymore from how painful everything was, after seeing his closest friends abandon him, after endlessly f*cking up as he was always destined to do, Blitz let himself carelessly die on one of his cases.

Among the stars above, Stolas had never stopped watching over him, and now he would never overcome the pain of being the reason both his daughter and his lover died.

Even eternity itself wasn't enough time to get over that.

among the stars - Chapter 2 - crowsmic (2024)
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