Character Profiles/Information - Chapter 43 - Void_Stars_and_HellaverseRewrites (2024)

Striker is a tall and imposing hybrid imp with dark burgundy-red and pale carmine skin. He boasts fluffy shoulder-length ivory white hair, which he often ties back into a ponytail or leaves loose. His distinctive features include sharp yellow teeth, bright golden eyes with concentric rings and slit pupils, and a height of over 200 centimeters, placing him on par with Blitzø. Striker sports a gold tooth, upward-pointing horns, and ivory or cream-colored white patterns on his black-and-white skin, differentiating him from other imps. Additionally, he has a long tail that culminates in a triangular or fork-like barb, with bandages adorning certain areas. His lizard-like face is complemented by a long, dark purple forked tongue, and he is often seen with a straw in his mouth. He also has a goatee, dark eyelines, and blackened eyelids. His horns are pointed down.

He sports a weathered, dark brown leather vest over the already warm Wrath Ring, maintaining a vintage aesthetic. His attire exudes an old-school vibe, featuring a rumpled, dirty yellow shirt and a dark sienna bandana adorning his neck. Completing his look is a coffee-colored belt with a gun holster and deep green pants that resemble denim. To complement his ensemble, he opts for deep taupe cowboy boots accented with caput mortuum detailing.

Striker's darker skin tone and unique features stem from the fact that his face is well-known throughoutHell. To maintain a low profile, he takes measures to conceal his identity by bandaging his spines and applying red clay to his skin, allowing him to blend in more seamlessly with other imps. Additionally, he contemplates whether to remove his eyeliner or if he should opt for contact lenses to further disguise himself. Despite these efforts, he manages to effectively conceal these distinguishing traits for the most part.

Millie's parents strongly disapprove of Moxxie due to his association with the Sin of Greed, considering it the worst type. Their disdain deepens because Moxxie marries Millie clandestinely without seeking their blessing. When Striker visits the ranch, Millie's parents develop a fondness for him, viewing him as an ideal son-in-law who possesses the qualities they desire for their daughter. They believe Striker, being potentially stronger than Millie, aligns with the Wrathian culture's belief that a robust partner leads to stronger offspring, a significant advantage for the family. Upon Millie's return home, her parents intensify their efforts to pair her with Striker, who pretends to reciprocate to maintain harmony and approval. He even pledges to win competitions for Millie and her family. This declaration motivates Moxxie to participate, with Millie also joining in to add depth to her role in her hometown. The flirtation between Millie and Striker is also happening. Although Blitzø doesn't directly interact with Striker, their paths cross before the Pain Games, as Bitzø is on a small trip with Loona. In this altered scenario, Striker genuinely desires Blitzø as a partner, despite his origins in a Greed circus unbeknownst to him, albeit displaying this interest through misguided actions like stalking, or thinking he can steal his "master", leading him to another fight with Moxxie and Millie and then him capturing Blitzø and Fizzarolli for Crimson... (despite Blitzø admitting he doesn't even want orlove Stolas, as he's already in a relationship with a literal angelic royal, but has kept up an image through half of the year of the deal until a certain Anti-Blitzø party).

For added lore, he is demiromantic (WE DON'T GET ENOUGH REP HERE PEOPLE!).

Similar to Moxxie (Greed + Wrath, actually an angelic queen) and Blitzø (Lust + Greed), Striker is a hybrid of a wrath imp and a Loan Shark citizen. As a result, Striker embodies a three Sin type hybrid of Greed, Envy, and Wrath, making him an outcast unable to fully integrate into any of the Rings. This predicament prompts him to conceal his appearance within the Wrath Ring, ensuring his true identity remains hidden. Striker capitalizes on the variation in head shapes among wrath imps, which can resemble a goat, ram, bull, or human skull. This diversity allows him to fabricate stories about his family members having predominantly goat-shaped heads, facilitating his ruse.

In his more "wild" appearance, his hair cascades freely with pointed sideburns and longer bangs partially covering his face. His legs resemble Blitzø's, but they are not entirelyplantigrade, so they have a slight bend to them. While some imps have human-like faces, their legs are not like those of typical animals; this distinction is a key identifier of whether they are demons or not. This characteristic was established in older lore to differentiate demons, who were believed to be too indolent to transform into fully humanoid forms and thus had animal-like legs. Consequently, those demons were easily identified and neutralized with holy water.

After all his bandages are removed, you can clearly see him and the extent of the changes he's made to his appearance to adapt to Hell. He has cut off most of his fins, revealing copper-red/orange skin marked with lighter scars in jagged, star-shaped patterns where his fins once were. His lower face and neck are a pale taupe. One of his fins was forcibly removed by the Envy Ring, which a high-ranking demon used for "sexy time", reasons that added to Striker's deep-seated hatred for the Royals and Society. After his escape, Striker chose to remove his arm and leg fins but retained his tail fins as a reminder. Despite his alterations, his fingers resemble those of a Greed imp, though he is unable to find gems like other Greed imps. His tail, while resembling that of a typical wrath imp, is larger and curves in the middle, similar to a lone shark's. Striker is a proficient liar, so he easily convinces others that a creature bites him, adding to his deceptive persona.

He is much more brutal and incredibly intelligent, so there won't be any more instances of him being confused byFizz's tricks after their recent encounter. Also, following the first confrontation withIMP, he no longer hides unless he needs to stay concealed. When he pursuesStolas, he does so in his full glory. As the series progresses, it is portrayed that he conceals himself less and less, inadvertently becomes involved in a secret movement, and meets Darcy. She explicitly makes him promise not to cause excessive chaos and to prevent Blitzø from engaging in "reckless behavior" such as going after Stolas. He agrees to this, but he harbors secret desires for a threesome with certain individuals, although he maintains a professional demeanor with a Western accent, only resorting to swearing when extremely angry. His mother speaks Spanish, as they are from the impoverished Latino-esque neighborhoods inLos Satanio, but he never bothered to learn the language, much toDarcy's "overly-dramatic" dismay.

Striker also possesses gills, a trait he conceals beneath his bandana, as he is partially Envy can breathe underwater and an excellent swimmer. His perspective on many things is distorted due to the three types of sin he originates from, resulting in an internal struggle for dominance and a skewed interpretation of the sins' significance. He underwent a transformative experience when his own community turned against him after Leviathan manipulated people's bodies to create potions. This event starkly revealed to Striker the cruelty of the aristocracy and how the hierarchy permits such injustices against lower-ranking individuals. Initially, he views this as profoundly unfair until he is enlightened and realizes that not all royals are alike. To validate this newfound understanding, he explores other dimensions. Additionally, Striker shares a complex love-hate dynamic with Lucifer.

He is highly competent and charismatic, and he has excellent battle strategy.


  • Strikerexhibits numeroussnake-likecharacteristics, including occasionally rattling his tail and emitting a hissing sound during speech.
  • He proudly claims to have wrestled and flayed his firstdemonic crocodileas an infant... although the authenticity of this achievement is dubious.
Character Profiles/Information - Chapter 43 - Void_Stars_and_HellaverseRewrites (2024)
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