Freshers Placement Hub on LinkedIn: Content Writer Intern at Groww (2024)

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Groww is hiring freshers for Content Writer Intern role!Position: Content Writer Intern Qualifications: Any Graduate/ Undergraduate Salary: 30K Per Month (Expected) Experience: Freshers Location: Work From Home 📌Apply Link: [Groww Content Writer Intern]( Follow Freshers Placement Hub for more job updates! #freshersjobs #workfromhome #contentwriter #internship #jobsearch #groww

Content Writer Intern at Groww
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  • Celeckt


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    "Creating content that sparks conversations and drives engagement." Hiring a content writer for Celeckt for internship of 3 months.#contentstrategy #hrindustry #consulting #intern #contentwriter #hiring #nowhiring #jobalert

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  • manmeet dhani

    Freelancer Social Media

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    We are looking for freshers who wish to start a professional life. We are ThoughtPulp Technologies Pvt. Ltd, a digital media company offering customized solutions to their clients across industries. We have vacancies for the following positions where your roles will be dynamic - 1. Copy Intern / Creative Content Writer2. Design Intern3. Social Media Intern4. Marketing Intern FAQs- 1. Can someone teach me?2. Will any company give me the opportunity to learn by working on real projects?3. How can this internship help me achieve my career goals?4. Why Unpaid internship for 1 month?Here are something you must know before you join us - 1. Learn things in real time.2. Learn to manage time effectively and deliver regular tasks.3. Flexible working hours (Don't worry we don't take attendance, you will be taught to deliver and enjoy the day)4. As this is a dynamic role, you will work for different brands and cover different types of content.5. You are free to explore different areas of interest. (Our head content writer is also our voice-over artist.)6. Learn how much work is appropriate for you before taking on too much or too little responsibility.7. Get to know the company and team, and get the hang of the process.8. Build your resume.9. Let's continue working together if you are ready after your internship is over.10. Last but not least, you get a certificate of experience.Drop us your resume at



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  • Founder - CVO @ Ozibook | Educator | Entrepreneur | Content Creator | Personal Branding expert | Lifelong learner | Motivational Speaker | Determined Optimist

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    👉 If you have the ability to repurpose and create content that hooks the reader, then the Content writer role is for you.💯 Apply for a 2-month internship.📗 Ozibook is hiring for content writing interns.💥 As a Content Writer Intern, you are going to:✅ Discover winning templates on social media and build their database.✅ Design prompts using ChatGPT to easily repurpose content into the desired template.✅ Create social media content using the master template prompts and stock the transcript file. 🔴 NOTEThe primary tools you will be using in this internship are CANVA, ChatGPT, Google Docs, Google sheets, Google forms, Google Drive, Notion, Zoom and Discord.🎯 If you feel you would like to do a 2-month internship in an early stage startup👉 Refer to the attached Google doc to learn more about our internship and the responsibilities you will be undertaking. Find google doc link in the comments.👉 If you wish to:💡 Collaborate with like-minded people.💡 Build a better future.💡 Bring about a change to the education field.💬 Comment your mail ID our team will get in touch with you.Aadya SinghKeerthana SRuchi SinghAnakha Rose T.Jay EnumulaAnuroop Kothamasu#internship #hiringinterns #Contentwriterinternship #startuphiring #startup #campushiring #placementcells #education #contentwriter #hiring #contentcreation


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  • Diksha Gupta

    "HR Analyst | Data-Driven HR Strategies | Workforce Planning | HR Metrics Expert"Ex. HR in Byju's Ed. Tech | Ex. Store Associates in Bharti Airtel | MBA(HR & Marketing), Amity University

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    #InternshipOpportunityCalling all creatives, tech enthusiasts, and future executive aces! 🚀Are you looking to dive into a role that blends creativity, strategy, and a bit of digital wizardry? We’re on the hunt for interns who are ready to shake things up and gain invaluable experience along the way.👉🏻Content Wizards Wanted: Got a knack for crafting compelling copy? Know your way around SEO? We have 4 slots open for content writers who can turn ideas into impactful blogs and engaging content.👉🏻SEO Enthusiasts: Are you obsessed with keywords, rankings, and driving traffic? If optimizing content for the web sounds like your kind of challenge, we want you to help us dominate search results!👉🏻Aspiring Executive Assistants: Think you can be the right-hand to a CEO? If you’re organized, proactive, and ready to take on the day-to-day that powers our leader's success, there’s a spot here with your name on it.If you’re eager to learn, ready to contribute, and want to see firsthand how innovation in education is being led from the front, then we’re looking for you.🤔Why Join Us?✅Mentorship from industry leaders✅Hands-on experience in a thriving startup atmosphere✅A chance to make real, measurable impact✅ Paid opportunities Ready to start your journey with us? Drop us your resume,( or better yet, send us a creative intro about yourself – surprise us, impress us, and let’s get this conversation started!PS: you know someone looking for an internship, Share this post! TIASELIN Club PTE LTDShruti Verma IsaacNehal Sardana AroraShwetanjali SharmaDebtanu SanyalAabha Kumari#InternshipOpportunity #HiringNow #Hiringalert #Wearehiring


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  • Shyamsundar Sahoo

    Co-Founder & CMO at ecosaathi, Digital Marketer, Online Business Strategist for Startups, Brands & Professionals. #Freelancer #Consultant #marketer

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    Hiring Intern!!!Dear Connections, Here are some oppertunities for new players in the market(Freshers). 1. Content Writer Intern (MA in Psychology or Relevant Field) 2. Content Writer Intern (Moderate Knowledge In Parenting, Mother-Child Relations, Baby care Or Relevant Field)3. Social Media Manager Intern (Basic Knowladge In Canva, Social Media Algorithm like, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn)We will provide Stipend & certificate of recommendation as per your performance. Please Reach out to me at_ 8Shyamsundar@gmail.comNote_ This is not a free Internship program. Let's learn together and Grow together!! #contentwriter #hiring #psychology #parenting #socialmedia #linkedin #like #connections #internship #instagram #facebook #freshers #intern


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  • Viraj Mahajan

    Dog Lover | Author | Digital Marketer | LinkedIn Coach | Helping Maa With Satvic Foods

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    Hiring Alert!I am looking to onboard:1. Content Writing Intern for Satvic Foods2. Social Media Executive with experience in Meta Ads for Satvic Foods and Caesar'n Joey.Drop me an email with the subject line:- Intern or SME + Your Name + ExperienceIn your email body, please mention:- Your experience, if any (for interns)- Why do you want to join us as an intern or SME?- Published links to your work (SME)- Any other document link or media file that would help your profile.- Your stipend/salary expectations!- Your availablity for a call and from when can you start!Both of these are remote jobs, but we are looking for candidates based in India.Who we are not looking for?- College students- Part-time writers or SMEsTrick to get shortlisted?- Check both the websites before you apply- Check the social media pages and learn about the brand- Do not hasten in submitting, but do not unnecessarily delay it till the last day!What do I offer?- Byline!- Non-toxic work culture- Vast learning experience!- Payment on time!- 5 Day work culture- Coffee/Beer perks!Share your profile with me before May 15, 3 PM at viraj@satvic.inIf you think you are not up for the job, tag your friends, former colleagues, drinking buddies, or even your pets! If we hire someone from your reference, I will include you in a FREE Q&A session on writing and client acquisition that I will conduct after May 15!Until later.Baw-Baw- VP.S. In a series of unrelated pictures, here's a picture of one of the tattoos that I got in March. Eight so far! Aiming to get three more around the birthday month!#hiring #writer #socialmedia #internhiring #virajboltahai #internship

    • Freshers Placement Hub on LinkedIn: Content Writer Intern at Groww (16)



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Freshers Placement Hub on LinkedIn: Content Writer Intern at Groww (20)

Freshers Placement Hub on LinkedIn: Content Writer Intern at Groww (21)


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Freshers Placement Hub on LinkedIn: Content Writer Intern at Groww (2024)


Is GrowIntern legit? ›

GrowIntern is a leading provider of internship opportunities for students and recent graduates.

What is the main reason for applying for this internship? ›

An internship can give you the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in an industry that interests you before you progress further into your educational path. It can also enhance the qualifications on your resume.

What does a growth intern do? ›

Responsible for delivering effective marketing campaigns that will drive the adoption, engagement and monetization of our product. Identifying, developing & optimizing growth channels and growth loops to drive user growth on The Job Overflow. Design and run experiments to test and validate hypotheses. Rinse and repeat.

Why should we hire you answer for fresher? ›

A: When answering, focus on your relevant skills, experience, and achievements that make you the best fit for the role.You should hire me because I am a hard worker who wants to help your company succeed. I have the skills and experience needed for the job, and I am eager to learn and grow with your team .

How to answer why do you want to intern here? ›

Why are you interested in this internship? To answer this question, think about what goals you expect to achieve during the internship. Using those goals, explain what skills you want to learn and how this opportunity will help you grow your career while helping the community or the industry.

How to answer why should we hire you for an internship? ›

"I have the capacity to learn quickly and easily understand new technology. I have a flexible work style that allows me to work with any type of technology. I am certain of your internship criteria because I have studied much. I am capable of handling all responsibilities.

Which of the following is a reason to participate in an internship? ›

The benefits of having an internship include:

Exploring your career goals and future options. Developing and expanding your professional network. Receiving coaching and mentorship from professional resources. Discovering new passions, interests or career paths.

How do you explain yourself in brief for an internship? ›

Intern interview question #1: Tell us a bit about yourself.

We suggest making three brief points along the lines of: 1) your year of study and degree subject; 2) your career aim or what career you're interested in; 3) a hobby or interest that you pursue in your spare time.

Why do you want to participate in this program? ›

Growth opportunity: Describe how you believe this program will challenge you, help you grow, and provide the necessary resources to achieve your goals. Mention any personal qualities, experiences, or skills that make you a good fit for the program and how you plan to make the most of what it offers.

What are the objectives of an internship? ›

Internships provide students with an opportunity to put into practice skills they have learned while in school. In addition, students should have an opportunity to enhance those skills, obtain the perspective of a work environment and benefit from a mentor or supervisor's experience and advice.

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