Helluva Boss Fanfic - One Shoot - Part 3 (2024)


Moxxie turned around, but all she found was contempt, and with that she responded.

Moxxie: - There won't be a last time. -

Moxxie raised his pistol and fired a point-blank shot into his father's forehead. The bullet shattered his skull and punctured his brain instantly, throwing him against the wall before a huge pool of blood began to gush from the corpse. The only thing Crimson got from her son was a black tear that ran down her cheeks until it evaporated in the heat of hell.

He had no time to lose. He went up to the roof of the mansion, where there was always a helicopter waiting. The pilot did not hesitate to jump and run when he saw that creepy being approaching. Moxxie got on and took the controls, and flew as fast as she could towards that dark lake, whose location was something she could never erase from her memories.

He flew as fast as he could, so fast that the propellers looked as if they were going to dismantle under the pressure, and then he saw her. That thick, dark mist that covered the lake and among all that black and stinking miasma, a brilliant golden light. The light of a lantern from a boat. That was. I could know. He flew above the light and leaped into the void, leaving the heavy flying machine to its fate. A drop of barely fifteen feet, and a crash landing on flimsy rowboat planks that broke on arrival. Water began to pour in from the hull, and Moxxia looked up only to see two demons terrified at her presence. They tried to draw their pistols to fire at him, but were not quick enough to prevent a bullet from piercing their heads, as the helicopter crashed into the water in the distance, creating a violent explosion that lit up the skies. But... where was Millie? Was it already too late?

A strange bubbling splashing through the choppy waters caught Moxxie's attention, and without thinking twice she dove into the dark, polluted waters. He swam as fast as he could, when the trail of bubbles suddenly disappeared, just a second before Moxxie saw a body tied to a brick floating in the choppy water. It was her. It was Millie. I knew it from its outfit and the very distinctive tail with the end of its white colored tip.

Moxxie rushed over and cut the rope with her teeth, and dragged the body as fast as she could towards the surface. His arms felt heavy, his vision began to blur, his lungs gasped for air, and just when he thought he wouldn't be able to make it, he surfaced among the trash and belongings of his father's former victims.

Moxxie: - Millie. Millie! - He screamed in vain as he removed the sack that covered his head.

Seeing the face of his lifeless lover, he lost his composure, while calling her over and over again. He swam and swam. He swam as long as he could and as fast as he could to the nearest shore. He repeated the name of his beloved over and over again but she did not wake up. He swam for seconds, minutes, maybe hours, he could never know, but for him it was all perpetual torture.

He didn't know how long it took him to reach dry land, but with the last bits of energy he had left, he dragged Millie's body up the muddy shore, until he was far enough out of the water. He called out her name again, but she didn't respond. She put her ear to his chest, but heard nothing. A complete and heartbreaking silence.

In an act of desperation, he began to perform CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) on him, but it didn't seem to be working. Thirty chest compressions, and a desperate "Kiss of Life" to bring his beloved back. Over and over he tried, but nothing happened.

Little by little, his anger turned to sadness, his black, misshapen body began to restructure itself, the black spots began to fade, and his elongated horns returned to normal. Thick black tears flowed from her eyes, tears as thick as a drop of crude oil.

Suddenly, it seemed as if time had stopped. Moxxie felt as if a strange implosion of energy had shaken him, but he had the feeling that his heart had started beating again, all when he saw Millie begin to cough up water, fighting with all her might to cling to life.

Moxxie: - Millie... Millie... Millie... Millie... Millie... - She repeated over and over again while helping her to get on her side so she could expel all the water without getting stuck.

Millie: -Moxxie? - She asked in shock. -

Moxxie: - It's OK... It's OK... Everything is going to be fine. -

Like a burst, Millie's emotions erupted into a deep rooted cry that compressed Moxxie's heart as she listened to the words that could barely come out of her beloved's frightened mouth. With all her strength she carried her and rested her on her chest, where Millie continued to cry, unloading all the fear she had gone through.

Moxxie: - It's OK... Don't worry. Everything's fine. I won't let anyone hurt you anymore. Never. - He said with a chilling tone of voice, one that Millie could barely notice given the shock she was in.

Helluva Boss Fanfic - One Shoot - Part 3 (2024)
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