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Blitzo rips off the nozzle and chugs the whole keg, surprising Beelzebub, who looks at him in concern.

Blitzo: Who's the queen now?!

Loona: Yeah! That's my DAD!

Beelzebub: Well f*ck me! That's a first. I haven't had a first in a while. That was magical, seriously, impressive. I tip my crown to you, imp boy. Respect.

She howls, prompting the other party guests, including Loona, to cheer as Blitzo passes out drunk, as he gets carried off as Beelzebub and Y/N look at each other in concern.

As the party continues, the guests continue having fun and chatting, Loona is shown laughing with a couple of other hellhounds, and Y/N taps her on the shoulder.

Y/N: Hey, Loona? Blitzo's seeming a bit...

Beelzebub then comes up behind him looking concerned.

Beelzebub: Out of control, like... A mess. I've seen Y/N like this before. You wanna maybe check on him or something?

Loona: What!? No! No, Blitz is fine. He's always a mess, trust me.

Beelzebub: Look honey, I see people having fun and getting f*cked up all the time. But, he's clearly getting wasted off his ass and causing problems on purpose. So I feel like, you should check up on him at least.

Loona starts to get angry as the hounds she was talking to poke their heads over to eavesdrop.

Beelzebub: Just see if something's up.

Loona then marches over to Beelzebub and confronts her.

Loona: Don't act like you know him like I do.

Beelzebub: I ain't sayin' that. I'm just pretty sure he's had like four tongues inside him at once. I mean... good for him.

Y/N watched on nervously

Beelzebub: But... I can taste the flavor of people at my parties, and he's giving off a very... not okay vibe, you know?

Loona gets progressively angrier.

Loona: Oh yeah, and I'd bet you'd know the okay vibe, right? I mean everyone likes you so much.

Beelzebub flies up near Loona's face to challenge her.

Beelzebub: What's that supposed to mean, you got a problem or somethin' sour cream? *shifts into her larger demonic form* Don't f*ck me!

Loona preps for a fight until she sees how it's upsetting Y/N.

Loona: Sorry. Yeah, nope, I'll, uh... I'll check on him.

She walks off and kissed Y/N on the cheek as Beelzebub shrinks back to her normal size.

Beelzebub: Uuuugh... sorry, sorry. I know I got a little spicy there. I just... hope everything works out. Now, let's dance!

She flies off with Y/N


Meanwhile, Loona looks around trying to find Blitzo.

Loona: Blitz! Bliitz! Where are you, sh*thead! BLIT-

She sees Blitzo French-kissing another imp.

Loona: Oh piss on a dick!

She grabs Blitzo by the collar.

Loona: What the f*ck are you doing Blitz?!

Blitzo: This guy~

He points to the imp, who briefly waves

Loona: It looks like you're in the middle of a goddamn orgy! Stop!

Blitzo: Look, I didn't expect you to come in here and see any of this, Loonie. I'm so sorry, but it's a party, I'm just havin' fun with, uh... *turns to the imp* The f*ck is your name again?

Imp: Dennis.

Blitzo: Christ on a stick, you would be a Dennis.

He waves arms, shooing Dennis away.

Blitzo: Get the f*ck away from me! I'm not f*cking a Dennis tonight! I need a Monica or Alejandro in here, stat!

The imp standing by a nearby corner pulls him in.

Blitzo: Better~

Loona punches the imp's face in, causing him to back away, then Blitzo stumbles, and Loona catches him.

Loona: You don't need anyone else sucking your face, freaky weirdo. You need to drink something other than Beelzejuice.

Blitzo: Uuuugh, no...

Loona carries Blitzo to the van, and buckles him up, then her three new friends wave her goodbye; Loona waves back, then she gets in the van and drives off.

Loona: Do you need to throw up?

Blitzo: Mmm... no...

Loona: Yeah you do.


Back at the apartment, Loona turns on the lights and puts Blitzo back on the couch, then gets a glass of water and a blanket for him.

Blitzo: I had a really sh*tty day...

Loona: Oh yeah? Is that why you drank like five gallons worth of who-knows-what?

Blitzo: f*ck, Fizz was right. I'm gonna die alone, aren't I? Just a wrinkly, old, withered, waste. Will you be there, Loonie?

Loona: Be...where?

Blitzo: I dunno, jus-...lonely... Die alone...

Loona: I'll be there, Dad.

She drapes the blanket over Blitzo and pats his head.

Loona: Now go the f*ck to sleep... okay?

She turns off the lights

Blitzo: Millie... Moxxie... Stolas...

Loona takes one last look at Blitzo before heading into her room, then after a beat, Blitzo vomits up the Beelzejuice.

Blitzo: f*ck! Yeah, I did need to throw up.

Helluva Shy Guy (Helluva Boss x shy reader.) - Queen Bee - Page 5 (2024)
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