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After they collected their payment from the client and ordered some pizzas, Blitz took M&M home. He was relieved once they exited the van (that fishy gore smell was starting to stink up the van). He was planning on picking up the pizzas, drop off Loona with a box, so she had dinner, then drive to the palace to see the birds. Instead, Loona insisted that she come too. She wanted to make sure that Via (and Blitz, though she wouldn’t admit it out loud) would be ok.

<Blitzo to Via> 9:15 5:28 pm : I hre. Hav fd. Brt Loona 2. is dor unlkd?:

Loona convinced him that it would be better if they went through the front door instead of climbing up the balcony like he usually does.


… Surely someone should be able to answer the door, right? He rang the doorbell.


…. Nothing. (Huh maybe Pringles or whatever his name is went home already?)

“Oh well, guess we’ll just have to use the hidden spare key”. Handing the pizzas and plush to his daughter, the imp goes to the back of the bush on his left, picking up the fake stone he knows holds the spare key to the palace.

“Wait. You know where the spare key is? Then why do you keep climbing up the building every time you come over?” his daughter asked.

“It’s more fun that way.” He casually replied (Also helps sets the mood). As they walked through the mansion, Loona sniffed around.

“Huh that’s weird.”

“What’s weird?”

“I smell two Goetia, and a lot of plants…but that’s it.” The hell hound said.

Now that he thought about it. He didn’t see any guards or servants as well. “The servants probably just gone home for the night sweety”.

“No, I mean there hasn’t been anyone here for a while”. Okay. Now that is weird.

Turning to the kitchen he had Loona deposit the pizzas on the table. Blitz saw the candle had been removed from there … good he didn’t want to see it again.

“What kind of plant is this?" He heard Loona ask. Turning to his daughter, his face paled. She was getting really close to a carnivorous plant in the kitchen. One he knew from personal experience she should not get close to.

“Looney! No! Get away from that” He demanded before pulling her away by the tail. With the hate-filled glare and the growl she was giving him, he knew he shouldn’t have done that.

“Sorry sweetie, but you don’t want to be near that thing” he tried to explain quickly. “It will eat you. Trust me.”


Several months ago...

He was in the kitchen with Stolas, joining him for breakfast after a night of ‘passionate fornication’. Stolas was wearing his favorite red robe, Blitz was in his boxers.

While the owl was at the stove cooking some bacon and eggs (is him eating eggs considered cannibalism?), Blitz went to inspect the plant sitting in the corner of the room. “Hey feathers. What’s this?” he asked out of curiosity. The owl glanced up from his cooking.

“Oh! That’s Eris darling. Isn’t she the sweetest? I still need to…” he tuned out the prattling bird. Well, it was unique, looking that was for sure. To him it looked like a giant onion with eyes. (I wonder if it smelled any good).

Blitz went to smell the plant when suddenly darkness surrounded him. It was so tight and moist, something sharp was digging into his trapped arms. Felt himself being lifted upside down. Not being able to do more than kick his legs in the air, he yelled for the bird for help.

A few seconds later he felt the grip around him loosen. Magic surrounded him, gently lifting him out of the (literal) jaws of death. And there, upside down was the Goetia prince, hooting in laughter at his predicament. “It’s not funny, asshole!” the imp growled.

“I’m (hoot hoot) s-sorry (hoot), Blitzy.” He said between laughs. After calming down a bit, the owl spoke once more. “I did try to warn you she hasn’t had breakfast yet”. He said putting the imp down gently.

Taking a few slices of bacon, he tossed them to ‘Eris’ who gulped them down greedily, before giving her bulb a fond rub. The plant’s 'eyes' turned to the imp. A small gurgling sound came from it as he swore that it was smiling at him.

“Awe. She likes you” the owl said cheerfully, ignoring the imps discomfort. (If this is her liking me. I don’t want to know how she acts if she hates me).


“Your joking” the voice of his daughter brought him out of his memory.

“I’m not. And the scariest thing is, he says this one is his tamest plants.”

Avoiding Eris, they made their way to the bedroom. Blitz knocked on the closed door. And waited. He heard shuffling and stepped back as Via opened the door.

“Hey.” She greeted the pair.

“Hey. I hope you don’t mind but a brought pizza and my Looney Tooney with me.” Blitz said, Loona scowled at the nickname.

“Oh, sure…what’s that? “She asked spotting the plush.

“A get well soon present.”

Via stepped to the side to let him in. Taking a deep breath, he smelled incense all throughout the room, making his daughter gag a bit.

“Sorry. I know it smells in here. But Vassago says that this stuff is supposed to help dad.” She explained, as they all turned their attention to the figure in the bed.

He looked…well, the same as before to be honest. In fact, he looks like he hasn’t moved at all since last night.

“Has he woken up yet?” The imp asked concerned.

“No, I’m afraid not. Vassago says once he recovers a bit more mana he should wake up.”

“Speaking of which, where is that bastard anyway” the imp asked, not seeing the parrot anywhere. Wasn’t he supposed to help heal the owl?

“In the observatory. He went to clean up from last night.”

Oh… that makes sense. He probably didn’t want the younger owl to see the horror from the ritual. And to be honest, Blitz wasn’t so sure he wanted to go up there again as well.

“Well why don’t you and Looney go down to the kitchen and eat. Maybe watch a movie or something. I’ll look after your old man” the tall imp suggested.

“I don’t know. Are you sure you can handle it?” Via asked. She wasn’t sure she wanted to leave her dad, but the thought of pizza and a movie was tempting. She could use a break from worrying.

“Of course, how hard can it be?”

“Well… I guess… ok. Try to get him to drink some of the water,” she pointed to a 1/3rd full bottle of water with herbs and rocks in it. “Other than that, I guess let me know if anything happens”. She said as she walked out with the hellhound. Leaving the imp alone with the prince.

In my time of healing - Chapter 11 - Lil_book (2024)
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