Liberty (PAW Patrol) (2024)

Liberty is the tritagonist of PAW Patrol: The Movie and one of the four tetartagonists of Nick Jr. series PAW Patrol. She is a new member of the PAW Patrol who debuted in the movie.


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Liberty is a city girl through and through. She’s fast-talking, energetic, extremely loyal and an incredible friend. Liberty is a big fan of the PAW Patrol, and loves showing them around her city!


Liberty is a curious, and lively, as well as an energetic pup. She calls the PAW Patrol her heroes, and, just like them, works hard to keep the city clean. She is also motivated with sincerity to help the PAW Patrol after she accidentally asked them for help, but once she joins, she stands up without a fear of anything. She makes an outstanding performance when it comes to teamwork. She gets excited when the PAW Patrol is around.

She has a sassy sense of humor and doesn't take anyone's nonsense lying down. She's outspoken and often snarks at other people. Despite this, she can mistake simple things for rescues, such as her mistaking the pups' donation. Or thinking that other wild animals are Adventure Bay residents' animal buddies.


Liberty has golden fur with dark brown spots on her body, long, brown fluffy ears, and a light brown muzzle, paws and a light shade of brown around her eyes. She has brown eyebrows, brown eyes and a big, dark brown nose. She wears a coral collar with her pup-tag attached.

In the series, her appearance is a bit different. Her fur is a darker shade of brown instead of golden, she has a lighter brown chest and underbelly and the tip of her tail is slightly lighter shade of brown. Her fluffy fur textures are replaced with the series' standard flat ones and her collar changed color from coral to turquoise.

In both the film and the series, she wears a coral uniform with blue and white highlights along with a helmet assembly with a blue visor (white visor in the series). Much like all of the pups sans Chase, her uniform features sleeves.


Like all of the PAW Patrol pups, Liberty has her own personalized pup-tag which she uses to make calls to Ryder, The Lookout, and the other pups, as well as make video calls to said members. Hers is customized with a blue background and a skyscraper on it to represent her job as city rescues. Her pup-tag can be used to activate her life jacket.

Equipment and Vehicles[]

Liberty has a hard-shell pup-pack that holds everything she needs on her adventures.

Her vehicle is a coral, blue, and white three-wheeled scooter with the ability to extend the rear wheel outward as it lowers to extend the seat and is also equipped with a speed-booster on the back. Its vehicle number is 22.

Before she received her vehicle from Ryder, she traveled through Adventure City on a blue wagon with a light pink and orange floral pattern. One out of its four wheels is smaller, squeakier, and looser than the rest. She used its slightly bent silver and red handle to steer and ride around Adventure City.

In The Mighty Movie and the sub-series (from Season 10), her Mighty Pups vehicle is a coral-pink motorcycle with blue and white highlights. When powered-up by her power paws, the vehicle's streaks glow teal as seen in the Mighty Pups sub-series. It is equipped a retractable side-car.

Skills and Abilities[]

Due to her growing up in Adventure City, Liberty knows everything about her neighbors. Since the PAW Patrol are her heroes, she works hard to keep the city clean and safe.

In PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie, when Chase gets knocked out by Vance and falls into a cliff, she gains the power of elasticity on her body like Elastigirl and Mr. Fantastic. She is also able to stretch into a landing pad and inhale large quantities of air as seen in "Mighty Pups Stop the Hiccups".


External links[]

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