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Heroine Overview


I can't believe this is really happening!
~ Liberty

Liberty is a lively and curious Long-Haired Dachshund who is the tritagonist of PAW Patrol: The Movie, a supporting character of the Canadian cartoon series PAW Patrol, one of the two deuteragonists (alongside with Chase) of its sequel PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie. She lives in Adventure City where she is the newest member of the PAW Patrol.

In the movies, she is voiced by Marsai Martin, who also played Diane Johnson in Black-ish and voiced Aggro in DreamWorks Dragons: Rescue Riders and Prudence "Pru" Granger in Spirit Untamed.

In the series, she is voiced by Tymika Tafari in the Canadian and North American versions of the TV series and the British version.


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Liberty has golden fur with dark brown spots on her body, long, brown fluffy ears, and a light brown muzzle, paws and a light shade of brown around her eyes. She has brown eyebrows, brown eyes and a big, dark brown nose. She wears a coral collar with her pup-tag attached.

In the series, her appearance is a bit different. Her fur is a darker shade of brown instead of golden, she has a lighter brown chest and underbelly and the tip of her tail is a slightly lighter shade of brown. Her fluffy fur textures are replaced with the series' standard flat ones and her collar changed color from coral to turquoise.

In both the film and the series, she wears a coral uniform with blue and white highlights along with a helmet assembly with a blue visor (white visor in the series). Much like all of the pups sans Chase, her uniform features sleeves.


She is a curious, and lively, as well as an energetic pup. She calls the PAW Patrol her heroes, and, just like them, works hard to keep the city clean and safe. She is also motivated with sincerity to help the PAW Patrol after she accidentally asked them for help, but once she joins, she stands up without a fear of anything. She makes an outstanding performance when it comes to teamwork. She gets excited when the PAW Patrol is around.

She has a sassy sense of humor and doesn't take anyone's nonsense lying down. She's outspoken and often snarks at other people. Despite this, she can mistake simple things for rescues, such as her mistaking the pups' donation. Or thinking that other wild animals are Adventure Bay residents' animal buddies.


PAW Patrol: The Movie[]

Liberty is living on the streets of Adventure City. She can also be tough when she needs to be as shown when she confronts a large, burly man for littering in the elevated subway train car she was riding on, threatening to throw him in the trash if he didn't clean up his litter, which manages to cow him into doing just that, with the promise to clean up his life from now on as Liberty disembarks and heads to see another friend at the local market. However, she soon arrives at City Square to learn that Adventure City has a new mayor, that being the crooked and dishonest mayor of Foggy Bottom, Mayor Humdinger, who won by default when his opponent mysteriously dropped out of the running. Knowing Humdinger's threat to Adventure City, Liberty contacts the PAW Patrol back in Adventure Bay for assistance. Learning of Humdinger being mayor of Adventure City, and knowing his modus operandi when it came to the trouble he caused Adventure Bay in the past, the PAW Patrol head to Adventure City in the PAW Patroller, settling into their new Adventure City HQ.

It is not long before the team gets their first emergency when Mayor Humdinger's fireworks show goes horribly awry, but once they deploy for duty, they are bogged down by a massive traffic jam due to rush hour. Liberty arrives to help, formally introducing herself to the team using her new name for the first time, and helps clear the way for them to get out of the traffic jam and take several shortcuts and back alleys to reach City Hall to stop the chaos. Soon the next morning, Liberty tells Tony, a proprietor of his grocery store, revealing her first time helping her heroes like she's an honorary member of the team when she ever dreamed.

From there, Liberty continues to help the PAW Patrol during Humdinger's next big fiasco regarding the L-train, before watching Chase run away from the PAW Patrol after angrily accusing Ryder of breaking his trust due to Chase's past trauma with Adventure City and putting him to the sidelines when things get hard. Liberty and Ryder go to see her friend Carmen at Tony's grocery store to ask about Chase's whereabouts, only to learn of many of the dogs in Adventure City having gone missing. Thinking that Humdinger is behind the disappearances, Liberty sets herself up as bait to be taken to where Chase and the other dogs are incarcerated. After she disrupts Humdinger's live interview with Adventure City News reporter Marty Muckraker, Humdinger has his two lackeys, Ruben and Butch, take Liberty to the Fuzzy Buddies obedience school turned dog pound where Chase is imprisoned. Once Liberty is put in the same room as Chase after she comforts him, it is not long before Rubble demolishes the wall with his wrecking ball to free Chase, Liberty, and the rest of the dogs, who then chase off Ruben and Butch when they enter to investigate the commotion.

While Liberty is taken back to the HQ with the rest of the pups after heading away from the obedience school, Chase and Ryder break off to go to the intersection where Ryder found Chase and took him in when he was little and give Ryder a chance to get Chase to find his inner courage to rejoin the team. In the meantime, Humdinger had ordered Kendra Wilson to activate her Cloud Catcher to clear the skies over Adventure City for him, but the machine was going into critical overload. Not caring about that, and destroying the remote control as well, Humdinger goes ahead opening up his new mayoral office in Humdinger Heights, but soon sees the folly of his actions when the Cloud Catcher finally overloads and unleashes a massive hurricane against Adventure City, putting everyone in mortal danger, himself included.

When the PAW Patrol learns of this, Liberty is made an honorary member and receives her own vehicle from Ryder, a scooter with a speed-booster and her suit to aid the pups in rescuing everyone. She teams up with Zuma to rescue a family whose car had been flung into the river, getting them out of the car and safely back to the surface to be picked up by Zuma's rescue raft that Liberty was driving. In the meantime, when Ryder is trapped after rescuing Humdinger and the Catastrophe Crew, Chase is able to rescue him, while Skye sacrifices her helicopter to destroy the Cloud Catcher, instantly dispersing the storm and restoring clear skies to Adventure City. Liberty meets up with Skye when she touches down safely afterward, before reuniting with Chase and Ryder.

When Mayor Humdinger tries to slip away in the aftermath, Chase catches and places him under arrest for numerous felonies, including gross negligence, public endangerment, and dognapping, putting him behind bars for the foreseeable future, and impeaching him as Mayor of Adventure City. The PAW Patrol are granted the key to the city by Marty and Kendra and hailed as heroes, and Liberty is officially made a member of the PAW Patrol as Ryder gives her a new collar and pup-tag. Soon after, Harris calls Ryder requesting aid at the waterfront, and the PAW Patrol is called to duty again, with Liberty joining them as their newest member.

PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie[]

To be written...

PAW Patrol (TV series)[]

Season 9[]

In “Liberty Makes a New Friend”, Liberty travels to Adventure Bay to reunite with the PAW Patrol. While they are busy cleaning up the Lookout, she heads into town to see if anyone needs help. After that, she heads into the woods and helps a bear, naming him "Benny", but unintentionally takes him back into Adventure Bay where he causes some problems that alert the PAW Patrol. Liberty confesses to being the source of the problems because of her befriending Benny, but Ryder assures her they will set things right. When she finds Benny again, she takes him back into the woods, where when Chickaletta is heading for a waterfall and Liberty tries to help her, Benny assists in saving both of them by using his bear strength to stop the log long enough for Liberty and Chickaletta to get off before he lets it go to go over the falls, repaying Liberty for helping him earlier. Mayor Goodway is very grateful to Liberty and the rest of the pups for their heroics.

In “Pups Save the Pup Pup Boogie Contest”, Liberty comes to Adventure Bay for a big Pup Pup Boogie contest she had been practicing for. She and Skye make it to the semi-finals, but before she and Skye can face off in the finals, an unforeseen accident with Francois Turbot in his balloon watching things from overhead causes the contest to be interrupted as the balloon is punctured and also damages the Jumbotron keeping track of the score. Liberty is assigned the duty of helping Skye track down Francois. When they find his deflated balloon, located by the reflection of the moonlight off the disco ball he snagged along the way, they find him trapped in a pit under the tarp of the balloon. Skye lowers Liberty down, and while Skye airlifts Francois to safety with her harness, Liberty uses her Pup Pup Boogie skills to acrobat her way out of the pit herself. Back at the contest, with the Jumbotron repaired, Skye and Liberty face off in the finals and end up in a tie for the win. Francois asks for a selfie with the girls, but Cap'n Turbot photo-bombs it by sliding in behind them right before Francois takes the picture.

In “All Paws on Deck”, Liberty is startled when the giant lemonade cup from Adventure Bay ends up in Adventure City. Calling Ryder and the pups to let them know, when she learns that the rest of the PAW Patrol's allies, like Coral, Rex, Al, the Cat Pack, Tuck and Ella, and even Sweetie and Arrby, are in similar situations, Ryder decides to call everyone in helping to stop the perpetrator in Codi Gizmody. When the lemonade cup is returned to Adventure Bay, Liberty will lend her support, helping Tuck and Rubble to take down Codi's Codi-Molisher. After Codi ends up sending herself and Elly-Dee to the moon to keep her out of the way for a while as she plans her revenge, Liberty is hailed as a hero with the rest of the PAW Patrol by the grateful citizens of Adventure Bay.

Season 10[]

In “Liberty's Mountain Rescue”,...

In “Mighty Pups vs. The Mayor of the Universe”,...

In “Mighty Pups vs. the Big Chill”,...

In “Mighty Pups vs. The Mighty Cheetah”,...

In “Mighty Pups Stop the Mighty Queen”,...

In “Mighty Pups Stop the Hiccups”,...

Equipment and Abilities[]

Like all of the PAW Patrol pups, she has her own personalized pup-tag which she uses to make calls to Ryder, The Lookout, and the other pups, as well as make video calls to said members. Hers is customized with a blue background and a skyscraper on it to represent her job as city rescues. Her pup-tag can be used to activate her life jacket.

Her pup-pack is modeled as a hard-shell that holds everything she needs on her adventures.

Her vehicle is a coral, blue, and white three-wheeled scooter with the ability to extend the rear wheel outward as it lowers to extend the seat and is also equipped with a speed-booster on the back. Its vehicle number is 22.

Before she received her vehicle from Ryder, she traveled through Adventure City on a blue wagon with a light pink and orange floral pattern. One out of its four wheels is smaller, squeakier, and looser than the rest. She used its slightly bent silver and red handle to steer and ride around Adventure City.

Due to her growing up in Adventure City, she knows everything about her neighbors. Since the PAW Patrol are her heroes, she works hard to keep the city clean and safe.

In PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie, when she rescues Chase after he gets knocked out by Vance, the crystal gain her power of elasticity on her body like Elastigirl and Mr. Fantastic.


Liberty has more than one catchphrase:

  • "Liberty, reporting for duty!"
  • "PAW Patrol at work!"
  • "This is off the leash!"
  • "I am ready to ride!"
  • "Rescue's my middle name! ("All Paws on Deck")
  • "Whenever you're in a hole, call the PAW Patrol!" (“Pups Save the Pup Pup Boogie Contest”)


  • Liberty is the only pup who’s age is unknown.
  • She made her debut in the movie.
  • She was the fourth female member of the PAW Patrol.
  • She has been first called into action 4 times.
  • She is a female Long-Haired Dachshund.
  • She is the second Dachshund of the series, after Arrby.
  • She likes the color coral and blue.
  • She is a city rescuer.
  • Her uniform is coral.
  • She is the first pup to join the team in the film.
  • She might be afraid of fireworks. In the film, when she's running from the unstable fireworks, she says this is why dogs hate fireworks.
    • In real-life, many dogs are afraid of fireworks.
  • It was revealed that she works in an animal shelter.
  • Her scooter is actually smaller compared to the pups' vehicles.
    • It is most likely the same size as their Moto Pups motorcycles, similar to Elastigirl's motorcycle.
  • Before joining, her dream was to become a PAW Patrol member one day.
  • Her name means "freedom".
    • Her name is based on the Statue of Liberty from New York City.
  • She is the second pup to do a breakdance after Marshall.
  • Her pup-tag is a color similar to Everest's pup-tag.
  • She is a stray before joining the PAW Patrol. Her previous and owners are unknown and it’s yet to know if she has any new owners.
  • In PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie, she and Skye's actors previously voiced in Spirit Untamed.

External Links[]

  • Liberty on the PAW Patrol Wiki


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