the other clown (helluva boss x male oc insert) - Ozzies (2024)


A few weeks after the whole 'being kidnapped thing,' I had opted to stay out of work for a bit and go back to working at ozzies for a bit.

The last thing I had expected was to see the whole team here, except for Luna, as well as Prince stolas. 'Oh, this is gonna be bad,' I thought to myself as fizz started his big intro. "Lady's and genteman, I see some sexy faces around here tonight," He announced before slithering down one of the poles that had lowered onto the stage. "Welcome to ozzies! Lust rings number one place for all kinds of sick, twisted fantasies on display for all you sleeze and sleezets, " He said as he used his robo parts to maneuver himself around stage

"The gem joint of asmodeus himself, come on, give him some love!" Fizz called as he made a heart with his arms and hands causing the patrons to cheer and clap, I looked up at ozzie who was disguised off to the side and gave him a small smirk earning an eyeroll back before he motioned for em to get back to work

"I am the one and only fizzaroli" He introduced himself "some of you may recognize this dashing clown face from my numerous toybotic replicas throughout the rings of hell" He explained about half way through I zoned out having hear this speech multiple times as I started making drinks again

Moxxie went up to perform as I finished making my orders and went over to Fizz and Ozzie. "What is this guy doing?" Ozzie mumbled, glaring as I gave a small shrug

"Mox is a little sentient, go easy on him," I said with a small frown as I watched. "He's not that bad anyway." I reasoned as fizz rolled his eyes but continued watching

"OK, I can't watch this anymore, it's too sweet," Fizz said as ozzie nodded before they went up and interrupted moxxies' song, causing me to sigh as I watched from the side

I watched as they taunted moxxie, causing me to sigh as i stepped in and interrupted ozzie. "You wanna hang around this lustful town?" I sang with a small smirk as I popped up behind moxxie grabbing his shoulders causing his eyes to widen when he spotted me "better ditch the lovey dovey before they knock you around, here we sing about wants and desires" I continued as fizz appeared beside me

"Depravity, savagery, loins hotter than fireeee" fizz sang before he smirked at me and Ozzie grabbed moxxie causing me to sigh as I teleported up to his shoulder "so give me a thrust, show me some lust~ fromt eh groin to the bust, little imp we just must in the house of asmodeus~" ozzie sang as he looked to me with a small smirk

"Come on, give us a songggg~ make sure the subject is getting it on~ make it graphic and tactfully long~" Ozzie Sanford as me and fizz both spoke in sync

"Make sure to ryhme thong and shlong" we both said with small smirks as I dropped from ozzies shoulder to stand next to moxxie as I put a hand on his shoulder in reassurance "go ahead mox, your Michs on" I encouraged before backing away to ozzie and fizz again as moxxie started singing and playing his guitar again

"I want to.." He started as his voice shook slightly while ozzie and Fizz stood very close, causing me to grow worried

"Yeah, what do you wanna do? But stuff piss play bondage?" Fizz asked quickly making me cringe back slightly and roll my eyes "make gentle love to you" moxxie continued before ozzie cut him off "ugh what a limp dick imp, you're really killing the vibe, get a load of this dweeb and his unsatisfied brideeee~" ozzie sang motioned to millie

"Hey, now I've watched those two pork many a time." blitzø started, causing moxxie to look shocked. "What!? Blitzø!?" He called as millie stood up shocked as well

"And I gotta say they make missionary look..relatively exciting," blitzø reasoned as I shrunk back into the shadows of the room and snuck off to the bar.

Next thing I knew everyone was taking shots at blitzø and then asmodeus exposed stolas, it all ended when milkie attacked fizz causing me to panic as I ran over and checked on him while ozzie kicked the imps out, not soon after blitzø and stolas left aswell.

Later that night I was eating dinner with ozzie and fizz "you guys are dicks" I said suddenly causing them to look at me in shock "what?" Fizz asked as I glared "I'm sorry let me rephrase, you guys are dicks and hypocrites" I hissed as y tail swayed behind me

"Wow where's this coming from otty?" Ozzie asked as I glared at him "embarrassing my friends and coworkers infront of half of hell? Exposing stolas and blitzø like that!?" I yelled as things in the room started shaking, causing them to look around in shock as I stormed out of the room

I was in my room pacing with anger as things in my room shook violently before ace and josh appeared in my room "wow kid what up with you?" Ace asked as he sat on my bed looking worried as I turned and glared at them before sighing

"You guys saw that sh*t show tonight" I said simply as they shared a look before nodding to eachother "Hey how about we go have som fun, just us three we can go f*ck around in the pride ring for a bit sound good?" Josh offered putting a hand on my shoulder as I smiled softly and nodded before we snuck out of my window and left lust for a boys night.

By the time I had gotten back I could guarantee fizz and Ozzie were asleep, what I didn't expect was a note on my bed 'Hey otty, we know you probably went out with your friends but we wanted you to know that we're sorry for being as you put it 'Dickson and hypocrites' we promise it will never happen again

Yours truly

Ozzie and fizz'

I smiled softly as I finished reading it before sighing and placing the letter on my desk and sitting on my bed "goddammit why can't I stay mad at people" I mumbled before falling back onto ym he'd and falling asleep.

the other clown (helluva boss x male oc insert) - Ozzies (2024)
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