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May 3

Ok ok i'm a liar oops. Saw the Millie short (I have thoughts) and the season 2 trailer and i had to do my poor sweet underdeveloped bird girls justice.

Octavia is virtually the same personality wise, except she has hobbies that Stolas is completely unaware of but Stella supports fully. Specifically taxidermy, which Stella finds fascinating. I don't vibe with the design after staring at it for a while, but this was just a doodle and potential colors, i'll have to draw Stolas and then figure out her colors.

In demon lore, Andrealphus teaches lots of things, but he is said to teach astronomy, so i decided Stella (as her name would suggest) is very knowledgable on the subject and star gazes. I gave her a galaxy esc dress similar to Stolas's s1 ep7 outfit and changed her colors a bit.

They have a good mother/daughter bond in this because if Viv can't write a good mother figure then I'll do it myself dammit.

Stella is basically now all the fan theories before she was boiled down into a sh*tty one dimensional abuser to make the uwu gay bird sympathetic with a bit of my input.

She is the younger sister of Andrealphus, who married her to Stolas as a way of moving up in the world - as Stolas is a Prince and Andrealphus is a rank below him as a Marquis. Stella initially was distraught but tried to be good. She tried to find common ground, seeing as both her and Stolas liked stars, but they never clicked fully. When Octavia was born, Stella shifted her attention to her and started being passive aggressive to Stolas, letting her years of anger out on him in little jabs. Things along the line of her throwing a not divorced party but she doesn't loudly insult him in front of her guests.

When Stolas cheats on her with an imp, she's f*cking furious. She's given up her entire life to this man, to bring her family name higher and her husband cheats on her with an IMP. The lowest of the lower class, and now her gossipy high society friends she's spent years getting into the good graces of will know. So she's a mix of f*cking furious and just a tinge hurt. She's not justified btw, i just want to show her side of things for once because Viv is allergic to developing female characters.

She adores Octavia in my version. Utterly adores her. So of course she takes Octavia and tries to keep her away from Stolas as much as possible. She loves her daughter and wants to raise her better than she was raised.

That's all I might do a Sallie May and Millie redesign again who knows

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Jun 22

HB Rewrite Idea: Stolas finally f*cking dies, Stella realizes she’s a lesbian, Stella marries Verosika and they raise Octavia in a actually loving environment

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Nov 29, 2023

I actually don’t mind the hell’s aesthetic of the show being a chaotic cities and towns but the question remains as why? Has hell always reflected the human’s world? Was it something they integrated later on in existence? Why are there jails and police in hell?

For my rewrite the answer is that Lucifer, being the fallen Angel who always craved a familiarity with humans, has always being infatuated with their silly traditions and systems. So as the ruler of Hell he basically molded it to his will so he could have what he couldn’t in Heaven, a human world of his making in which he is worshipped first and close to them second.

Lucifer has a conflicting relationship to humanity, fascinated by their nature but also jealous of their free will and their importance to God. So while he desires to live as one of them, he also wants to punish them. Creating a Capitalist Hellscape in which he’s the immovable market giant and everyone has to live an eternity of labor and consumerism.

Tying in Octavia calling LooLoo Land a cheap rip-off of LuLu Land, the far more lucrative and popular theme park.

However, Lucifer had to give sinners a systematic advantage in order for them to actually participate in the economy and worship him as a brand/entrepreneur/leader/“god”, raising them to middle class with No acknowledgement of the hellborn left behind.

On the other hand, Lilith is far more traditional, initially “ruling” Hell by creating creatures made for violence and torture hence why hellborn are naturally predisponed to savage behaviors. At the same time, she’s not a caring mother (unless for Charlie), before Lucifer Lilith only knew rage and indifference which is why she doesn’t advocate for her creation’s wellbeing because being forgotten for as long as she was, she grew apathetic and only what directly affects her is of importance. Though she does misses the simpler days when it’s was just her, Lucifer and the caos around them.

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Jun 26

Apology Tour Rewrite - The Confrontation Part 2

This is after Verosika confronts Blitzo in how his actions hurt her. She doesn't forgive him per say (especially when there's no apology) but their finally able to come to mutual terms with each other due to Blitzo now giving her a sense of closure.

Part 1 is here

#helluva boss critical#helluva boss critique#helluva boss criticism#helluva critical#helluva criticism#helluva critique#helluva boss rewrite


May 22

Helluva Rewrite but leaning in hard with making Mammon basically Viv

“As your boss Fizz, I reserve the right to cut your pay, go on trips, watch performances, not deliver your merch to customers, and buy taxidermies.”

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May 9

Millie Redesign! (1/4)

The Helluva Boss redesigns begin!

I wanted to start off with Millie to get a better feel of how I think imps should look and get down a baseline of wrath imps before I try working on any others since a lot of them look kind of the same? Idk I wouldn’t be able to tell Millie’s from wrath if there wasn’t a whole episode about it.

Oh I also wanted to make her actually look a bit more mature since I thought she was 20 years old tops but idk maybe she is! I personally just think shes like late 20’s early 30’s but up to future me. Here’s my notes that I planned out before starting actually:

Notes for millie design

- More confident/casual pose

- Weapon the doubles as farming equipment

- Give her a more rugged feel

- I need to feel like she could kill me with her gaze

- Big weapon maybe? Who doesn’t like oversized stuff

- Give her some scars, maybe a chipped or glued horn

- I know theyre cliche but.. overalls

- I wanna know shes from wrath I need to FEEL the texas

- Plus size but more built for strength and all that

- Maybe a cute matching bandana with her sister?

- Maybe make her tail a bit more pokey?

As you can see a few of these got lost in the process but I think she still looks really cute! Her redesign was actually really quick and only took me a little under 2 hours. Hopefully the rest of them will be this easy so I don’t have to look at another 19 hours of Vivziepop designs…

I haven’t entirely figured out Millie’s character yet but she’s likely going to stay more or less the same, just more fleshed out and not just Moxxie’s wife. She’s still the main fighter of the group since Moxxie is more sniping and medicine with how im working on him, but I think she takes a bit of an interest in Moxxie’s talents and vice versa. I still think Millie’s go to medical treatment is “rub some spit in it” and thats basically it/hj and last little tidbit, I based her a bit around places I visited as a child that were very southern to me. Also wanted her to look like she eats pancakes for breakfast 🥞!

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Jun 19

Read for more character info here!!

I also HC that fizz honestly kinda hates his prosthetics (chaffing, weight, etc) but can't function well w/o em so he will typically keep one/both arms on and have his legs off (also helps him w/ practicing acrobatics!)

He's also mostly blind/deaf, he can only see really blurry colors and everything sounds like it's underwater for him. That's why his eyes are green (kinda like the imp version of very bloodshot eyes)

The only non-scarred part of him is the skin along his spine frfr

Also to the one MF who asked if I was hom*ophobic bc I changed Ozzie and Fizz to a FWB boss/employee dynamic: yes

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