ProQuest & Ex Libris Support (2024)

ProQuest & Ex Libris Support (2024)


Does Ex Libris own ProQuest? ›

In October 2015, Ex Libris was acquired by ProQuest which in turn was acquired by Clarivate in December 2021.

What is ProQuest used for? ›

The ProQuest platform makes hundreds of full text and A&I (Abstracts & Indexes) collections available to researchers around the world. The ProQuest platform hosts multidisciplinary content containing scholarly journals, books, video & audio, dissertations & theses, newspapers and more.

Is ProQuest trustworthy? ›

Authority - Open access content on the ProQuest platform has been vetted for quality so that users know that it is reliable. Comprehensiveness - Having as much content as possible within a discipline on one platform, regardless of publishing model, provides a more comprehensive search experience.

How do I contact ProQuest? ›

Who owns ProQuest? ›

On December 1, 2021, Clarivate bought ProQuest from Cambridge Information Group for $5.3 billion in what was described as "huge deal in the library and information publishing world".

Is ProQuest the same as Medline? ›

PubMed, MEDLINE via Ovid, and MEDLINE via ProQuest all let you access MEDLINE. There are several differences between the options but the most prominent is the search interface. For details, see this Fact Sheet by the National Library of Medicine.

Where is ProQuest located? ›

ProQuest's main headquarters is located at 789 E. Eisenhower Parkway P.O. Box 1346 Ann Arbor, MI 48106-1346 US. The company has employees across 6 continents, including North AmericaEuropeAsia.

Are Eric and ProQuest the same? ›

ERIC Database resides on the ProQuest Platform.

Is ProQuest peer reviewed? ›

Peer Review - ProQuest Health Management & Public Health Databases. Good news! ProQuest makes it easy to limit your search results upfront to Peer-reviewed literature.

Who has access to ProQuest? ›

Most of this content is only available to subscribing institutions. If you are affiliated with an educational establishment, a company, local public or state library, try to search for its name in the 'Find your library' search box, either by entering the name of the institution or its domain name, e.g.

How old is ProQuest? ›

ProQuest – the most trusted name in EdTech – has been working hand-in-hand with content providers since 1938 to improve research, teaching and learning for libraries and their users.

Is ProQuest owned by Clarivate? ›

The completion of the acquisition announced on December 1, 2021 marked the beginning of the business integration of ProQuest, Ex Libris, and Innovative into Clarivate.

Who are the publishers of ProQuest? ›

ProQuest and all its companies are part of Clarivate, a leading global information services provider.

Who owns the Alma Library System? ›

Alma is an Integrated Library System offered by Ex Libris.

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