Troubleshooting Login and Access Problems - UCF Libraries (2024)

  • Only current UCF students and employees can use OpenAthens for UCF.
  • Guests, community users, and others may use MyOpenAthens for UCF. Guests. Guest might not have full access to UCF-licensed content.

UCF Federated ID Login Problems

If you have problems with the UCF Federated ID, login:

  • Wait 20 minutes. Three failed login attempts on any account that uses your NID temporarily suspends your account:
    • OpenAthens, Primo, MyAccount, MyUCF , WebCourses, UCF_WAP2 wifi, email apps on devices, and UCF computers all use the NID.
    • When you reset your password, be sure to change it on all your devices (smartphones, iPads, laptops, etc)and apps (e-mail, wireless, etc). If the devices or services keep trying the old password, your NID account will become locked.
    • Temporary suspensions clear after 20 minutes.
  • Reset your NID password. A mis-remembered password is most common login problem.
  • If your NID account is still locking up, contact the UCF Service Desk at 407-823-5117,

Other Common Problems

  • Cookies. OpenAthens and UCF Federated ID logins use cookies. Please set your browser to accept cookies from:
  • Redirect request problems: OpenAthens connects to sites that UCF has designated and configured. If OpenAthens is not configured to handle authentication to a site you will see the message “We cannot redirect your request”. You can try linking to the site without OpenAthens or report the error the eResources Support Team.
  • Contact Ask Us for help with OpenAthens.

Off-campus Access and VPN

UCF’s VPN provides secure access to UCF’s servers and networks. It does not provide access to online library content. OpenAthens can work along side the VPN to for access to library content. These recommended steps will ensure smooth access to Libraries subscriptions for VPN users:

  1. After you connect to UCF’s VPN, log in via OpenAthens.
  2. Use links on the Libraries website to connect to databases and journals.
  3. Use a Plugin to send links to links in email, search results, and other pages, or paste the link into the OpenAthens Link Generator.

For questions about the VPN, go to UCF Virtual Private Network (VPN).

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Troubleshooting Login and Access Problems - UCF Libraries (2024)
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