Helluva Boss Fanfic - One Shoot - Part II (2024)


The girl's voice grew fainter until no more could be heard. Suddenly a crash was heard inside the room and those outside rushed in to see what was happening. Upon entering the room, they saw an open portal to heaven and the cherubs taking the girl's soul. The demons and the cherubs looked at each other with enmity but they all preferred not to say anything. The cherubs left, and the room fell awkwardly silent. Niccolo got up and turned around and with teary eyes he asked Blitzo and the others what to expect.

Niccolo left the room and took the stairs to the roof. Blitzo was complaining that it was all a waste of time while Millie and Moxxie made him see reason. On the other hand, Loona had a distant look and preferred not to intervene in the discussion. She left the room and preferred to go after Niccolo. Niccolo was on the roof leaning on the railing. A strong breeze moved his hair and fur while he had a look of sadness and anger. Loona walks up to him and stands next to him. He wipes the tears from his face and smiles at her. I think you shouldn't carry all that weight, she told him, but he preferred to remain silent. She insisted: Why don't you tell me? Niccolo takes a deep breath and begins to tell her his story.

At a very young age, Niccolo loses his parents in a traffic accident. With nowhere to go, she must stay in an orphanage with her sister who is only a few months old. Life in the orphanage was not so bad but at the age of 6 his sister contracted cancer. The disease was killing her slowly and she couldn't afford good treatment. And so, at just 15 years old, his only solution was to join the city's mafia. A mafia man recruited him telling him that he would have many benefits and thus he could pay for his sister's treatment. But it was all a lie. For a long time he was involved in crimes and doing their dirty work. But one day his sister got worse and he demanded the money for her treatment from the gangsters. But instead of helping him, the gangsters beat him, put him in a sack and threw his body, still alive, into the river. When he woke up he was in hell in the form he currently had. He had to get back somehow, he had to help his sister. For a time he wandered through hell looking for a way to return. He heard about the business and saw the opportunity, but he knew he needed money so he raised it in the dirtiest ways possible.

He was very furious and convinced that those who made him suffer will pay. He was gripping the rail so hard that he snapped it. His fur stood on end and he bared his teeth furiously. Loona placed her hands on his and looked at him with a sad smile, telling him that now he could accomplish his goal and that they were going to help him. Niccolo came to himself and they both went back to where the others were. Returning to the room, Millie and Moxxie receive them sympathetically, however Blitzo had the same angry face as always. But with everyone together they were ready for the next assignment.

Blitzo opened a portal that led them to the front of a warehouse in the abandoned industrial zone of the city. Coming out of the portal Millie carried her battle ax, Moxie carried a Beretta ARX-160 assault rifle, Blitzo used two Smith and Wesson model 500 pistols, and Luna carried a scythe with chains that she kept from her last battle against humans, without However Niccolo was not carrying anything. Moxxie asked her if she wanted something to wear, and with a creepy smile she said she didn't. Niccolo took off his jacket revealing his well defined body.

He approached the metal door of the warehouse and knocked it down. The roar echoed inside the warehouse and the mobsters and ruffians quickly grabbed their bats, bladed weapons, and pistols. Niccolo looked up, fire blazing from his green eyes as he flashed a sinister smile. Niccolo is back. After saying this, Niccolo pounced on the gangsters. Being in a frenzy state and using only his claws and fangs, he tore dozens of them to pieces in seconds. Blitzo and the others joined the battle. The massacre was bloody, the gangsters were dropping like flies and not even firearms could against them. One of the gangsters came to the fight carrying a bazooka and fired a charge at Loona, there was no way she could avoid it, but in his frenzied state Niccolo caught the missile in his hand and launched it back.

After killing all the mobsters in the warehouse, they used a portal to reach the penthouse of the tallest and most luxurious building in the city. They burst into the room exchanging shots and slashes with the mobsters inside until they reached the luxurious door of a room. Inside they found bookshelves on either side and a large desk in the center. Behind the desk was a man in a black suit looking through the glass. I considered myself untouchable in this city. I never thought they came from the same hell for me, but it won't be that easy

After telling him this, the man turns around holding a gun and shoots Niccolo in the face who was in front. Still in his frenzy, Niccolo grabs the bullet with his fangs, pounces on him destroying the desk, grabs him by the neck and breaks the glass behind him, pinning him to the void. Niccolo grabs the man by the neck and after staring at him for a while, spits out the bullet and says: We'll see each other again in hell. The man smiles, and after saying this, Niccolo lets go of the man and lets him fall from the height. Niccolo turns around, his eyes sad and empty, but his gaze brightens a little when Millie and Moxxie come over to cheer him up.

The five return to the meeting room of the I.M.P. The phone was ringing and when Blitzo answered, it was Stolas going on a rampage because he found out that someone had been taken to the human world. Blitzo left the room to try to calm him down. Niccolo thanked those present, turned and left. Outside the apartment, in the office hallway, Loona stops Niccolo. Loona wanted to thank him for saving her earlier to which Niccolo responded with a smile. Do you want to go for coffee tomorrow? Niccolo asked, to which Loona agreed and gave him a kiss on the cheek. The two turned around, Loona stopped at the office door and Niccolo entered the elevator. The two exchanged glances as the elevator door closed. When Niccolo leaves, Loona enters the apartment yelling at Blitzo, who is in a bad temper and fighting with everyone.

Helluva Boss Fanfic - One Shoot - Part II (2024)
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